to give an edge to the Software professional in Software Engineering, Project Management & Quality Management

Software Developers, Project Managers, Testing Teams & Who care for best practises

an Expert having experience at all stages of Software project & popular author of text books in many fields of IT.

Continuous evalution at module level for self assessment through objective type tests & assignments for subjective evalution
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We know your organization can not spare your valuable time away from your work place. Here is an oppurtunity to learn & improve your skills in security managing your networks & system

Incresed retention of information through modularized course content and multimedia illustrations.

Well authored content in pdf, ppt, flash animations for easiy understanding of esecurity concepts. Video lectures from experts.

You have an option to walk in to esecurity concept lab of C-DAC, Hyderabad to understand and explore security tools for one week duration.
Accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week  
About courses
C-DAC Presently offers e-Learning courses in software process management & Cyber Security. It is our fond hope that e-Learning mode of education results in providing benefits such as reachability, Just-in-time learning, affordable, increased retention, well authored content
Watch out for seminars/workshops in areas of your interest from C-DAC at www.cdac.in
elearning framework [e-Sikshak]

Browser Independent
Low cost solution
Free from illustration hassles
Java based solution
Unicode based multilingual solution
Indian language support in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
Poratable on My SQL & Oracle
Easy to use
Customizable Graphical User Interface

Anywhere, anytime course access which increases the productivity of employees


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