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In the current scenario of fast changing Technology world, learning is considered to be a life long exercise. We need a flexible and effective medium for learning, which provides facility to the learner to learn any where at any time in his own pace. This way of learning is considered to be learner centric in contradiction to the traditional teacher centric learning. The rapid evolution of Internet and Web Technologies provided a medium for the information interchange as well as seamless interaction and collaboration of the users. The objective of this course is to emphasize the importance of software processes, and how an IT professional can implement the software engineering principles as he/she comes across various phases of software development life cycle.

A lot of interest is generated across the world in the field of e-Learning. Many new tools and concepts are evolving and are being explored throughout the world to make this concept a big success. The educationists in our country are looking at this modern technology as a redeemer for the educational scenario in India where teacher and student ration is very poor.

Recognizing the immense potential of the e-Learning technologies C-DAC, Hyderabad has initiated a series of constructive steps to promote and develop this promising technology. C-DAC is currently developing specific functionalities of a Learning Management System, which is being funded by DIT. eSikshak is the e-Learning framework developed by C-DAC, Hyderabad to offer on line course. The following is the detail description of the features provided in Sikshak.

User Registration

  :: Online registration

  :: Updating user profile
  :: Necessary reports for instructor and learner

Course Organizer

vSupport for 3-level course with hierarchy Course, Module and lesson

vCreate and modify courses

vCourse Reports

Online Assessment

This module provides
  :: Question bank creation

  :: Multiple-choice single answers

  :: Multiple-choice multiple answers

  :: true or false questions

  :: Uploading of assignments by instructor

  :: Uploading solutions by student

  :: Student performance reports


  Collaboration facilitates interaction among the Instructor, Student through White board, Bulletin board, Chat ,e-mail.

  :: Synchronous communication between student and instructor
  :: Graphical interface to simulate real world chalkboard
  :: Facilitates drawings with color, all drawing tools like rectangle etc
  :: Text with desired color font etc

  :: Shared discussion area between student and instructor

Bulletin board

  ::Creates forums for subject discussions
  ::Thread based discussions

  :: Search

  :: Real-time communication between the instructor and learner.
  :: Public chat between student and instructor
  :: Blocking/unblocking chat users by instructor


  :: Asynchronous communication tool
  :: Facilities offline interaction with instructor or among the student community
  :: Attachment facility

Indian Language Interface support

 :: Unicode standard based Indian Language support.
 :: Browser and Database independent solution.
 :: Indian language support in Telugu,Tamil and Hindi.
 :: Interaction in Telugu,Tamil and Hindi among different stakeholders using mail,whiteboard and chat etc.
 :: Minimum effort to add new languages without modifications in the application.

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